Certification ISO 9001

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008Since 1997 we obtained UNI EN ISO 9002/94 certification, currently changed in UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, guarantee of quality and safety.

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Design Assistance

Our strength is the assistance to our customers in the design phase, to prevent every kind of mistakes or problems.

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Areas of Application

We can produce various types of pieces, for every use on industrial markets, in different fields and areas of applications.

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Laser cutting
Taglio Laser Cresseri Srl

With laser cutting, we process materials of every thickness: from minimum of 0.5 mm up to a maximum of 10 mm for stainless steel, up to 20 mm for carbon steel.

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Combined laser cutting
Taglio Combinato Cresseri Srl

The combined laser cutting-punching machinery optimise the processing time and increase the efficiency. These machines permit forming, deep drawing and threading operations.

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Metal bending
Piegatura lamiera Cresseri Srl

Our excellent sheet metal and metals bending department has an automated station with control of thickness, capable of performing radius, U shaped, oblique angle and precise bends.

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Tack welding
Puntatura Cresseri Srl

The tack welding is a welding process that uses electricity to join two sheet metal parts; the electricity melts the two tack welded elements ensuring the joint.

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Welding, assembly and finishing
Saldatura Cresseri Srl

Our sheet metal process is completed with welding, assembly and finishing operations. We work with manual welding machines and with one automated station. Welding on aluminium parts.

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Inserts application and riveting
Assemblaggio e rivettatura Cresseri Srl

Inserts application, such as threading, self clinching, blind and riveting fastening systems, represents the last step of sheet metal processing.

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Laser marking and metal engraving
macchina trumpf taglio laser lamiere

Laser marking is a system that allows to quickly produce very precise and perfectly legible markings, not only on soft metals but also on hard steel and alloys.

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Our company

The Cresseri company was born in 1977 in Erba in the province of Como. The company is specialized in sheet metal and metal processing.

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40 years of experience

Our factory was established in 1977, situated in Erba between Como’s province, as producer of flues. Afterwards we have specialized in third party processing of sheet metal and metal working. During the years, Cresseri has become a leading reference in the metal processing field for international businesses and small and medium enterprises, ensuring a reliable service.



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