For several years now, at Cresseri S.r.l. we have recognised that exports and internationalisation are essential for our development. Unfortunately our sector, which includes the processing of sheet metal and metal on behalf of third parties using laser, welding, and bending technologies, is not exactly flourishing in Italy.
Precisely for this reason, a few years ago we decided to start focusing on internationalisation and foreign markets, establishing contacts in Germany and Switzerland with very interesting results.
In fact, the foreign market is growing strongly and allows us to carry out our work in a professional and careful manner, so that we can provide our customers with all the solutions they need: from technical advice to design, up to the final production.

How has Cresseri “exported” its work?

Cresseri S.r.l has been working with foreign companies for several years now. The factors that have rewarded us in recent years have certainly been our history and our 40 years of experience in the field of sheet metal and metal processing for third parties where we have always worked with passion and precision. Branching out into international markets also means exporting our history and core values in our communications with foreign companies.

Over the years our experience has also grown thanks to prestigious and important collaborations that have allowed us to meet the demands of customers in all facets of the industry. In addition to having worked with many important Italian companies, we also had the great opportunity to provide our services to a multinational company, such as Whirlpool.


Another extremely rewarding factor for us has been that of being one of the first companies to automate its factory and facilities. This choice has guaranteed us, first of all, greater precision in terms of the quality of work, and secondly, has allowed us to cope with the large volumes of work requested by large companies.

In any case, it must be said that finding “customers abroad” is certainly not an easy goal to achieve. The time factor is essential when deciding to “export” your work as a company must gain the trust of potential customers by showing them what they are capable of doing and giving priority to the quality and standards of their work.

Cresseri 4.0

One of the innovations introduced by Cresseri S.r.l. was to exploit the possibilities provided by contextualised automation in an Industry 4.0 project that we have called “Cresseri 4.0.” These choices have allowed us to guarantee a certain type of service to the customer which has now become a distinctive and characteristic trait of our company.

Specifically, one of the main systems we have introduced involves the automatic registration of all job orders. All this was made possible by the use of highly sophisticated software and high-precision machinery that exploits the use of artificial intelligence.
The strength of this type of system is also based on its simplicity and the great possibilities it offers.


In fact, this software makes it possible to automatically register all job orders and indicate all the specifications regarding the type of work to be carried out, the relative deadlines, as well as the characteristics required such as dimensions, thickness, etc.
Subsequently, through accurate data collection, it is possible to collect information on the time needed to complete the job and the modus operandi required to obtain certain results.

Furthermore, the software is connected directly to the machinery which enables monitoring the progress of the work in real time so that each specific job order can be controlled and checked.

What are the advantages?

The innovations at Cresseri 4.0 have introduced many advantages and have allowed us to be recognised as a leading company in this sector, both in Italy and abroad.

Main advantages:

  • Time reduction: automation enables our company to obtain very high quality results in half the time.
  • Optimisation of costs: this has naturally also led to an optimisation of costs which can be calculated according to the actual needs of the customer.
  • Careful planning: the information provided by our software helps to plan the work in an intelligent way, making the work easier for our staff and machine operators.
  • Constant monitoring: as mentioned, this system gives us the ability to constantly monitor each job order so that we can take action quickly when needed.

The situation in Italy

Unfortunately, the situation in Italy is not one of the best and this is one of the reasons that led us to export and branch out into international markets. Working in this field for many years has given us the opportunity to establish relationships with many types of customers and our goal is to continue to grow in Italy and to work with more and more Italian and foreign companies who want to grow with us.