Cresseri, a leading company in sheet metal and metal processing, enhances its bending department with the new Amada HG1003ATC hybrid bending machine. A new highly technological machine that increases the production capacity of the Cresseri company, guaranteeing high precision work and fast turnaround times.

The great new feature of the Amada hybrid bending machine is the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC).

Macchina industria 4.0

This feature optimises the working times, allowing to load even the most complex tool layouts within three minutes, making it an ideal solution for variable lot sizes in significantly reduced times.

Practical and efficient, the HG1003ATC hybrid bending machine is equipped with unique features that guarantee fast and high-precision work. In addition to the quick setup of the tools, the Amada bending machine is easy to use thanks to a very innovative touch-screen numerical control system. It is also equipped with a hybrid hydraulic drive system that consumes less energy than other bending presses and has an integrated bending sensor to ensure constant bending angle accuracy.


Other features that make the HG ATC Amada bending machine unique are the four independent tool manipulators, possible reverse orientation of tools and an automatic and safe tool lock.

The integration of the HG ATC Amada hybrid bending machine has confirmed Cresseri’s leadership in its sector, guaranteeing advanced and innovative technological solutions for every need.

With the introduction of the HG1003ATC, the Cresseri company was able to complete the automation of the production department through the implementation of the INDUSTRY 4.0 project, adding software production systems directly connected to the latest generation machines.

This latest innovation further enhances the special characteristics of the Cresseri company: quality, reliability and optimisation of working times.