Concrete help for Covid-19 patients: production of lung ventilators

We are a metal engineering company that since 1977 has been producing different types of metal products for different sectors, including telecommunications, metal furnishings, household appliances and the medical sector. For this last sector, our company has increased its production of metal components for lung ventilators manufactured by the Bologna-based Siare company, in order to cope with the Coronavirus emergency.

The Bologna-based Siare group has been manufacturing lung ventilators during these months of emergency and has asked us to increase our production in order to better meet the growing demand for ventilation devices to treat Covid-19 patients.

In these very challenging days, all our staff has been working on manufacturing these metal parts:

We are working at full capacity to create the components and, in fact, we have diverted all our work to this sector. What previously would have taken two years to make, now needs to be completed in two months to try to cope with this emergency. Siare, which is in constant contact with the Civil Protection Service, asked us to make this effort in order to confront this dramatic situation,” stated Elena Proserpio, owner of the company.

Our products are then picked up directly by the Civil Protection Service via a vehicle from the Defence Industries Agency and transferred directly to Bologna.

It is a difficult emergency situation, and all our staff are working very hard to meet this high demand. We are doing everything we can to give a concrete hand to those who are suffering at the moment and to get Italy out of this extremely challenging emergency. With this product we also want to raise awareness among our customers and other suppliers to give their contribution.

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