Our history


Cresseri was founded in 1977 in Erba (Como) by Mr Prosperpio and Mr Cresseri. The company initially focused on manufacturing flues. However, after some time, the two founding partners decided to transform the company into a light metal carpentry business.

Technologies and second location:

After expanding the production to include light metalwork, Cresseri acquired its first CNC machines – a punching machine and a bending machine.
After a few years, the company achieved its initial success, which led to the need for more space and skilled personnel.
In 1994, the two partners decided to relocate the company to a more organised facility, also in Erba.

In this new setting, Mr Prosperpio’s daughter joined the company in 1995.
The collaboration among the three partners has played a pivotal role in the continuous expansion and growth of Cresseri Srl. As a result, the company purchased a second flatbed laser and new bending machines. With a growing emphasis on precision machining, Cresseri established itself as a prominent point of reference for major companies, contributing to the development of new projects and other initiatives.

A few years later, Cresseri also equipped itself with its first combined laser machine.
The foray into this new technology presented challenges, including initial difficulties in operating the complex system and navigating the world of programming.

Nonetheless, with the support of experienced personnel, the company successfully overcame these obstacles, resulting in the swift purchase of another laser combined machine.

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Third location and new challenges:

After approximately 10 years, Cresseri once again encountered space constraints.
The existing premises proved inadequate to accommodate the growing volume of business achieved over the last decade. This marked another turning point in the company’s history: the purchase and setup of a third facility in Erba, boasting double the space.
Unfortunately, the global economic climate during this period posed substantial challenges; the year is 2008 and the ‘global crisis’ is just around the corner.

Undeterred by these difficult years, the three partners did not give up and embarked on important commercial initiatives, reorganising the workforce and production, and introducing a time control system and a new production management system.

Day after day, the company persevered and gradually triumphed over these adversities, recommencing operations and emerging stronger than ever. This resilience has been further demonstrated amidst subsequent challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine conflict, surging prices of raw materials and their scarcity, the energy crisis and the resulting economic turmoil.
Despite everything, Cresseri Srl continues to endure, talking about “IT’S HISTORY.” There are still many chapters to be written, and countless projects to be created. Rest assured, this is not the end of our story!

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