Technical support


At Cresseri, we provide not only high-precision light metalworking services but also technical and design advice and support. Whether working from customer drawings or conceptual ideas, our design department excels in developing detailed technical drawings and prototypes.

From technical drawings to prototypes

Cresseri has an efficient department of highly skilled technicians who oversee every phase of the project, from the preliminary technical drawings to prototype development.

Only when the samples meet the customer’s exact specifications will series production commence, according to the corresponding delivery timelines. Our technical and design support team offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise acquired over four decades in the industry.

We are equipped to address any question and overcome every challenge. Furthermore, we understand the urgency demanded by today’s fast-paced and competitive market, delivering within short deadlines.

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Work processes that always meet the requirements

Our production is managed by skilled and experienced technicians who specialise in working with sheet metal and various metals. They have the ability to customise these materials to meet even the most specific and sophisticated requirements.

We directly manage every phase of the production process, also coordinating with trusted external partners with whom we have established long-term collaborations. As a tightly-knit team, we ensure efficiency and deliver excellent products that consistently meet the requested specifications.

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