Despite the many problems encountered in 2020 due to the pandemic, at CRESSERI we have decided to invest and equip ourselves with two new systems that will make us even more efficient and faster in providing services to our customers. These are the New Punch Laser Combination Machine and New Bending Machine.

TRUMPF TruMatic 6000 Fiber Punch Laser Combination Machine

This machine provides maximum process reliability and flexibility, while the solid-state laser is suitable for a wide range of materials and allows thin sheets to be processed at extremely high cutting speeds, guaranteeing excellent results.

TruMatic 6000 Fiber is equipped with a BrightLine Fiber function which provides exceptional cutting quality and extremely easy removal of parts by the machine.

The CoolLine function allows to create small contours even in thick structural steel

The menu guide on the large display is intuitive and the Guide Condition system monitors the status of the machine in an extremely precise and accurate manner.

Smart Collision Prevention reduces the risk of collisions during the laser cutting process and the new design of the nozzles reduces nitrogen consumption by up to 60%.

The combination machines unite all the advantages of laser cutting-punching. The punching head processes standard contours and deformations such as tabs, countersinks or threads and the fiber laser is the best solution for cutting high quality external profiles even on complex geometries.


A productive, multi-purpose machine, the TruBend 5000 Series is TRUMPF’s most successful bending machine worldwide. From programming, to set up, to bending, this machine delivers unrivalled productivity.

Innovative features such as the lower tool displacement and the 6-axis backgauge offer complete production freedom. The operator’s work is made easier by numerous innovations, such as the new simple and intuitive control concept and new solutions in the field of ergonomics.

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Concrete help for Covid-19 patients: production of lung ventilators

We are a metal engineering company that since 1977 has been producing different types of metal products for different sectors, including telecommunications, metal furnishings, household appliances and the medical sector. For this last sector, our company has increased its production of metal components for lung ventilators manufactured by the Bologna-based Siare company, in order to cope with the Coronavirus emergency.

The Bologna-based Siare group has been manufacturing lung ventilators during these months of emergency and has asked us to increase our production in order to better meet the growing demand for ventilation devices to treat Covid-19 patients.

In these very challenging days, all our staff has been working on manufacturing these metal parts:

We are working at full capacity to create the components and, in fact, we have diverted all our work to this sector. What previously would have taken two years to make, now needs to be completed in two months to try to cope with this emergency. Siare, which is in constant contact with the Civil Protection Service, asked us to make this effort in order to confront this dramatic situation,” stated Elena Proserpio, owner of the company.

Our products are then picked up directly by the Civil Protection Service via a vehicle from the Defence Industries Agency and transferred directly to Bologna.

It is a difficult emergency situation, and all our staff are working very hard to meet this high demand. We are doing everything we can to give a concrete hand to those who are suffering at the moment and to get Italy out of this extremely challenging emergency. With this product we also want to raise awareness among our customers and other suppliers to give their contribution.

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Macchina industria 4.0


Cresseri, a leading company in sheet metal and metal processing, enhances its bending department with the new Amada HG1003ATC hybrid bending machine. A new highly technological machine that increases the production capacity of the Cresseri company, guaranteeing high precision work and fast turnaround times.

The great new feature of the Amada hybrid bending machine is the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC).

Macchina industria 4.0

This feature optimises the working times, allowing to load even the most complex tool layouts within three minutes, making it an ideal solution for variable lot sizes in significantly reduced times.

Practical and efficient, the HG1003ATC hybrid bending machine is equipped with unique features that guarantee fast and high-precision work. In addition to the quick setup of the tools, the Amada bending machine is easy to use thanks to a very innovative touch-screen numerical control system. It is also equipped with a hybrid hydraulic drive system that consumes less energy than other bending presses and has an integrated bending sensor to ensure constant bending angle accuracy.


Other features that make the HG ATC Amada bending machine unique are the four independent tool manipulators, possible reverse orientation of tools and an automatic and safe tool lock.

The integration of the HG ATC Amada hybrid bending machine has confirmed Cresseri’s leadership in its sector, guaranteeing advanced and innovative technological solutions for every need.

With the introduction of the HG1003ATC, the Cresseri company was able to complete the automation of the production department through the implementation of the INDUSTRY 4.0 project, adding software production systems directly connected to the latest generation machines.

This latest innovation further enhances the special characteristics of the Cresseri company: quality, reliability and optimisation of working times.

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Beneficiary: Cresseri Srl

An initiative implemented as part of the Axis III “Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises”

Objective 3c.1 “Revive the propensity to invest in the production system by increasing innovation”

Actions 3c.1.1 “Provide investments in machinery, equipment and intangible assets, and assistance with the processes of corporate reorganisation and restructuring”

Project description: The CRESSERI 4.0 project aims at introducing advanced and innovative technologies in the company in order to achieve optimal production conditions both in terms of planning and implementation. The main objectives of the project are as follows:

1- To introduce new advanced technologies within the company that can easily allow the transition from a production spread across several machines to a production carried out through automated and sequential processes, thus reducing downtime

2- To use innovative machinery in the manufacturing industry integrated with ERP solutions

Cresseri 40.

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