With Industry 4.0, we generally refer to a business production and management model whose main features are the connection between physical and digital systems, complex analytics extrapolated from Big Data and real-time adaptations.

What this means in other words: the use of machinery connected to the web, the analysis of information obtained from the network and the possibility of a more flexible management of the production cycle.


Cresseri chose automation a long time ago. Cresseri’s decision to automate its factory and facilities through the creation of a system which automatically records orders in their fullest detail, thanks to the introduction of new software, top grade machinery and robotics.

This system allows for each order to be subjected to an automatic recording of all its details and specifications granting both ‘time’ and ‘executive mode’ data collection. This provides the advantage of being able to monitor each order in real time through software directly connected to production machinery, even from remote locations.

What are the real advantages?

First of all, the reduction of processing times, the planning of workers’ working time, the optimisation of costs that result in lower prices for our customers, and, of course, a more careful monitoring of the processing times. Monitoring processing times allows Cresseri a better scheduling of deliveries and guarantees our reliability. Ultimately, these factors combined allows Cresseri to offer clients a higher quality of work, with a consequent greater efficiency that clearly translates into a qualitatively superior product for the final user.

Machine for automation

It is thanks to our industry 4.0 project, which we have named “Cresseri 4.0”, that we are able to consolidate the company’s characteristics, strengths and¬†distinguishing features which our customers continue to appreciate :

  • Reliability

  • Punctuality

  • Manufacturing Precision

Today, speaking of 4.0 and 4.0 technologies ultimately means talking about a model that witnesses an object’s (products) and machine relationship capable of managing all the information necessary for an independent production. This production process provides all that is necessary for the realisation of the product itself; Machines will be able to coordinate themselves by sharing information and subdividing the work, also in terms of calculation and control.


Obviously the “Cresseri 4.0” project only functions because of the highly collaborative and skilled workforce of Cresser’s staff, without which the implementation of this project would not have been possible. For this reason we wish to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of Cresseri’s staff and collaborators!