Beneficiary: Cresseri Srl

An initiative implemented as part of the Axis III “Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises”

Objective 3c.1 “Revive the propensity to invest in the production system by increasing innovation”

Actions 3c.1.1 “Provide investments in machinery, equipment and intangible assets, and assistance with the processes of corporate reorganisation and restructuring”

Project description: The CRESSERI 4.0 project aims at introducing advanced and innovative technologies in the company in order to achieve optimal production conditions both in terms of planning and implementation. The main objectives of the project are as follows:

1- To introduce new advanced technologies within the company that can easily allow the transition from a production spread across several machines to a production carried out through automated and sequential processes, thus reducing downtime

2- To use innovative machinery in the manufacturing industry integrated with ERP solutions

Cresseri 40.