Laser cutting since 1997

We are always sensitive to the development of technical solutions that can improve the production system.

We use the laser cutting technology to cut sheet metals and metals since 1997. With this technology we process materials of every thickness: from minimum of 0.3 mm to maximum of 10 mm for stainless steel, up to 20 mm thickness of carbon steel.

Therefore, with our experience we know that laser cutting enable us to perform from the simplest to the most complex shapes, which means an important advantage over the punching: it’s not necessary to finish the parts.

Many different solutions

We have machinery for different uses in the high precision light metal carpentry:

Skilled personnel, who join the competence gained over the years to the ability to solve every kind of problems, manages our production. The use of our machines with numerical control (CNC) ensure the increase of quality in the process and in the results.

We also work with the laser marking system, not for aesthetic sector.

The precision that can make the difference

With particular attention to details, we handle all kind of sheet metal processing even on high quantities productions. Furthermore, for us precision is important, for this reason we monitor the quality throughout the entire production process.