Taglio Combinato Cresseri Srl

We use the latest generation machinery with a working area of 1500 x 3000 mm.

The combined laser cutting-punching machinery (in the same cutting centre) optimise the processing times and increase the efficiency on the process.

The combined laser cutting-punching machinery we use, permit forming, deep drawing and threading operations before cutting the piece’s outer contour.


We have mostly TRUMPF brand machinery, we require reliability, robustness and innovativeness to work for you and achieve the production targets within deadline.

Combined laser cutting punching

COMBINED TRUMPF TC600LWorking area 1500 x 3000
Automatic loading and unloading system
Performing various forming and deburring
COMBINED TRUMPF TC6000LWorking area 1500 x 3000
Performing various forming, ribbing, threading and countersinks