Assemblaggio e rivettatura Cresseri Srl
Last step of sheet metal process is inserts application. A wide range of fastening systems is available for the different client’s needs.

Types of inserts

In Cresseri we offer inserts according to the different material types:

  • Threading inserts
  • Self-clinching inserts (nuts, studs and spacers)
  • Blind rivets

These are sheet metal fastening systems with quick and easy installation, which permit strong hold.

The threading rivet has a dual function, it’s a threading nut and an assembly threading rivet that can permit the assembly of components without ruin the material on which is used.


Not only inserts application, in Cresseri we practise riveting.

Riveting is a technique to join materials with the use of rivets and is considered a good alternative to the different methods of welding.