We have an excellent bending department. Radius bend, U shaped bends, oblique angle bends, precision bends. We meet your needs, ensuring maximum flexibility and reliability.

We will collaborate with you to find the best solution for sheet metal and metals bending to optimize your project, timing and budget. Weather small or large series, you will recognize the professionality in all the phases of our production process. Our team will manage your project choosing the most appropriate and efficient solution.

Our sheet metal and metals bending department has an automated station with control of thickness, equipped with a bending robot with 6 axis, which handles high volume production, cutting costs.


Sheet metal and metals bending

Our benders with numerical control (CNC) and the automated station can produce large quantities ensuring continuity, precision and quality.

Mainly used machinery in CRESSERI SRL:

TRUMABEND TRUMPF V85Max bending length = 2mt
AMADA HG 1003ATC Max bending length = 3mt
TRUMABEND 7036Max bending length = 1mt
TRUMABEND 5130Max bending length = 3mt