Specialized in sheet metal laser cutting, we use the laser cutting technology to cut sheet metals since 1997. With this technology we process materials of every thickness: from minimum of 0.5 mm to maximum of 10 mm for stainless steel, up to 20 mm thickness of carbon steel.

The laser cutting process offers significant advantages over other cutting methods. The mainly advantages are high precision, perfect cuts without irregular edges or burrs, speed and reducing of raw material waste.

Sheet metal laser cutting is our main activity, we manufacture for third parties and our goal is the customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, this technology enable us to perform from the simplest to the most complex shapes, which means an important advantage over the punching, the method of producing external edges with various and irregular shapes without difficulties.


We have mostly TRUMPF brand machinery, we require reliability, robustness and innovativeness to work for you and achieve the production targets within deadline.

Laser Cutting

LASER TRUMPF L3030 2400WWorking area 1500 x 3000
Max inox workable thickness: 6mm
Max iron workable thickness: 12mm
LASER TRUMPF L3030 4000WWorking area 1500 x 3000
Max inox workable thickness: 12mm
Max iron workable thickness: 20m

Cresseri Srl provides laser cutting service for Italian enterprises and well known foreign companies.

Taglio Laser Cresseri Srl