The sheet metal process is completed with welding, assembly and finishing procedures, which include:

  • sheet metal Tig, Mig, manual and automated welding
  • (electrical) tack welding and projection tack welding
  • inserts application using PEM SERTER and manual riveters
  • grinding of the welded elements
  • various surface treatments processed by qualified suppliers who historically collaborate with us.

Particular attention is given to every single phase even ensuring high production volumes.

In welding we use both manual welding machines and an automated station, we process also welding on aluminium parts. Depending from type and quantity of production, we choose the most suitable technology to ensure a high standard of quality, remaining in estimated costs and delivery deadline. We perform Mig and Tig welding.

With the same accuracy, we process electrical tack welding and projection welding.

The sheet metal processing cycle is completed with grinding of the welded parts. In Cresseri Srl we process basic but important activities, such as the resumption of the welded parts to improve performance and aesthetic.

As regards other superficial treatments, such as painting, galvanizing, passivation, anodising, cataphoresis or degreasing, we collaborate with specialized suppliers who work at elevated professional levels, selected by us over the years.