For several years now, at Cresseri we have found that opening to the world of Importation, Exportation and Internationalisation are essential resources that are fundamental for our development. Our sector, which includes the processing of sheet metal and metals for third parties through the use of laser, welding, bending, and many other technologies with strong tradition and well established techniques, has unfortunately been witnessing a period of slowdown.

Precisely for this reason, a few years ago we decided to start focusing on internationalisation, to further promote the company abroad, establishing additional contacts with German and Swiss Companies, with very interesting results.

We discovered that the rapid growth of foreign markets allows us to carry out our work in a professional and careful manner, allowing us to provide the customer with solutions to the many problems he or she may be facing: from consultancy to design, all the way to the required final realisation.

How did Cresseri “export” its steel carpentry and processing offer?

Cresseri S.r.l has been working with foreign companies for several years. Surely the factors that have rewarded us in these recent years come in relation to our solid work history and over 40 years of experience in the field of third party sheet and metal processing, a sector where we have always operated with passion and precision. Internationalising also means exporting work history and core company values, not only through our communication, but also by the quality we deliver abroad.

Our experience during these years was gained through important and distinguished collaborations that have allowed us to grow in a multitude of aspects and ways. In addition to having worked with many important Italian companies, we had the great opportunity to serve and work in close collaboration to a multinational company, namely Whirpool.


Another factor that we firmly believe rewarded us was being at the forefront of automation, automating our factory to improve and innovate our traditions. This choice has led us to deliver greater precision, better quality and standards allowing us to cope with the important volumes of work that large companies require to be processed in good lead time.

In any case, it is only honest to admit that finding customers abroad is certainly not a simple task and goal to achieve. It is important to understand that to “export” your work, the time factor is essential. Firstly, any Company needs to earn the trust of potential customers by showing what they are capable of and putting the quality and standards of their work and company culture first.

Cresseri 4.0

Cresseri S.r.l. has introduced a number of innovations to best exploit the possibilities provided by contextualised process automation in a 4.0 industry project that we have named “Cresseri 4.0”. The choices made to fulfil the project’s ambitions have allowed us to succeed and guarantee a highly effective type of customer service which has become a distinctive characteristic and trait that our customers rely upon to solve their problems, and improve their own standards.

One of the main systems we have introduced provides for the automatic registration of job orders. All this has been made possible thanks to the use of a very sophisticated software and high precision machinery that very precisely exploits artificial and machine intelligence.

The strength of this kind of system bases itself on how we were able to best simplify and customize it to best fit our needs and apply the great possibilities such sophisticated automation offers.


Thanks to our software, we are able to register all orders automatically, with indication of all specifications regarding the type of work to be carried out, the relative times envisaged, as well as the required characteristics such as dimensions, thickness, etc.

Subsequently, through accurate data collection, it is possible to collect information and compute the timing necessary to complete the work and the modus operandi necessary to obtain certain results, and subsequently, to improve them.

Our software is in constant and direct connection with our machinery, and this allows real-time monitoring of the progress of the work in a way that provides the complete view of all workflows simultaneously and any job specifically.

What are the advantages?

The many advantages offered by the new features introduced with Cresseri 4.0 have allowed us to be identified as one of the most solid companies in this sector, both in Italy and abroad.

Key Advantages:

  • Lead Time Reduction: automation has allowed our company to obtain very high quality results, sometimes in half the time.

  • Cost Optimization: Cresseri 4.0 has led to the optimization of costs, which can be easily calculated in virtue of the customer’s tailored needs.

  • Optimized Planning: Thanks to the information provided by our software, it is possible to program workflows in an intelligent way, making work easier for our staff, technicians and machine operators.

  • Constant Monitoring: As said through this system we have the ability to constantly monitor each order, and this allows us to intervene quickly in any circumstance and eventuality.

    Unfortunately, the situation in Italy is not the best at the moment, and this is one of the reasons that led us to examine the world of export and internationalisation. Working in this field for many years we have had the opportunity to relate with many types of customers and our goal is to continue to grow in Italy and support more and more customers and companies who want to grow with us, possibly worldwide.